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Wheel Alignment In Wheat Ridge & Denver

D&A Auto Service offers wheel alignment services in Wheat Ridgeand the greater Metro Denver area, and we suggest you have your alignment checked out at least every 10,000 miles or every year – whichever comes first.  This is a general rule, so consult your manual for specific recommendations.  There are several obvious symptoms showing you may need wheel alignment services, such as:

  • Abnormal tire wear – either excessive or uneven
  • You notice you vehicle “pulls” to the right or to the left
  • Your wheel feels “loose” or the car wanders
  • There is a noticeable vibration in your steering wheel
  • You notice your steering wheel is not centered properly while the car is driving straight ahead

If you notice or suspect any of these symptoms, give D&A Auto Service a call.  Our auto repair shop experts can affordably repair your vehicle.  This will reduce tire wear, adding thousands of miles to the life of your tires, get you better gas mileage (save more $$) improve your vehicle handling and ensure you are safer driving.  Contact D&A in Wheat Ridge today!